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EUSL Core's producing activities, the list became too long to be manageable on one page and now we have come all the way to the fourth page. Consistent conceptual thinking continues here to achieve better inclusion in society. Here are more examples of how it should go



Loneliness is also exclusion

Few people know about it and even fewer are ready to accept it, but Sweden and the EU are facing a problem of population shortages. Most people are vaguely aware of it, due to the shortage in some professions that exist, but do not make the connection. The second aspect is that with higher welfare, more people also live alone. We want to counteract this by creating EUSL Dating, which is a dating site or app that also invites commitment, more than just swiping right or left. EUSL wants more people to have the chance to meet so there will be some children made!



The user cooperative

The user cooperative is the organization for all those people with some form of functional variation and who have the right to support and help in everyday life. Around Brukarkooperativet you can gather to pursue issues, both directly against companies but also at the political level. Through Brukarkooperativet, you have the opportunity to help other activities, such as EUSL Assistance or EUSL Staffing by clarifying wishes and giving recommendations but also exchanging experiences. It will also be easier to create events or the like together with others.


EUSL Agency

Influencers in one place

For influencers, social media gurus and you who want to build your own brand through yourself in some way, EUSL Agency has been created. Here you get access to all the tools that may be needed for you to succeed in becoming your own product


EUSL Clean Homes

Household services

Clean in the home, clean in the soul - or whatever you say. Regardless, household services are a good industry both for those who perform the work as well as those who get a job done. We work according to the idea that more people should be established in society rather than making a big profit and later dividends. Man, in our case the employee, comes first. Of course, we take care of any RUT deductions. 


EUSL Legal

Sometimes it is a security to know if you have the right on your side or not. But it can also be a very expensive experience. The European Social Label has no intention of exposing this market to competition based on the lowest price, however, the surplus will go into the EUSL Foundation. Something that in many cases is just as good. For someone else. EUSL Juridik is also involved in our project EUOE - Europe, Our Europe - to develop the already existing system. Which is contrary to what our second project EUOS - Europe, Our Society - will carry out, which will instead lead to a completely new model of society. 


EUSL Runners

Delivery of food from restaurants has become a trend in society. In many cases, it is also a very dirty industry with completely impossible conditions. European Social Label is always to create new jobs, but somewhere the ethical must also exist and this is where our business stands out. EUSL Runners helps our members' restaurants to reach out with their food to their customers, quickly and efficiently without wearing out our employees and they also receive a collectively agreed salary. With the help of EUSL Invest and EUSL Social Ventures, we ensure that there are suitable vehicles to transport the food in. 



Social Constitutional Chamber

The fifth division is called the EUSL SCC, Social Constitutional Chamber, and is squeezed somewhere between the private, idea-driven and state sectors. The focus here is on activities that are not necessarily for-profit, even if there is no ban on it, such as school and education. Other services available here focus a lot on well-being and activities. 


EUSL Impact EU

EUSL Core is a pioneering activity to the extent that new ground is being broken here, even though the foundation is in many ways the same as others have already done. It is not a world sensation to start a personal assistance company or a moving company or anything else that EUSL Core undertakes. What is a sensation, however, is how it is connected with our set goals and how our impact on society will be the EU, the state, the region, the municipality and your impact. 


EUSL Ignite EU

Ignite EU is where projects and thoughts are created and in the future may reach all the way to EUSL Core. Ignite EU is about creating ideas on all levels, from grassroots to unicorn, from internal work to how a social effort through the EUSL Foundation should go and be carried out in practice. The EU is not about igniting a societal change within which will more quickly lead to a more equal and inclusive society, wholly or partly financed by the business community.