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Our brand A symbol for everyone

The European Social Label stands for an inclusive society, gender equality response, tolerance, equal value for all and the opportunity to take part in society's offerings up to a level that the individual chooses. Our focus is primarily on the business community and then especially the small business owners in society. This is where something is missing today and where we can make a difference by contributing to more attractive companies and members, creating educations, symposia and developing new solutions to outdated challenges so that more people feel involved in the society we all live and work in. .

All companies that join become members and then get the right to wear our logo, a blue dove. Should it violate a graphic profile, it is also available in white. The pigeon symbolizes a lot, from our values and stance to actively counteract exclusion and help others. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something and that is what we want to highlight here.  

It would be possible to write long dissertations about the value-driven business that is everything within the European Social Label, but instead we prefer to take it down to our logo, our brand in a single visual presentation. The easiest way to explain what it stands for is with the words respect for others. It does not have to be that difficult. 

The purpose and brand of European Social Labels are close to the values of the pride flag, but also include sustainability, green conversion, innovation and development. The following screens present the meaning of colors for the original flag, for us, how our logo relates to the pride flag and how it fits in with us and others. The hope is that a certain recognition factor will arise!


RED Strongest emotions of all colors

In color psychology, red is considered the color that symbolizes the strongest emotions. While it also symbolizes the warmest and most loving color, it is also the most aggressive and can also show power and anger. Red is thus a color full of contrasts, It can be something exciting and dangerous at the same time. Red can also symbolize life in several different ways. 

For many entrepreneurs, it is likely that they have gone through these feelings even before starting their company. It is a long journey, often associated with a lot of frustration and uncertainty. At European Social Label, we try to reduce the negative emotions and focus on the positive ones by offering manuals, services and tools to make it easier for our members.


Orange The healing color

As with the color red, it is easy to perceive orange as a strong color. It attracts the eye, which may be a reason why it is seen a lot in advertising as well as on certain vehicles on our roads. Orange is a color that often creates enthusiasm and excitement. There are studies that show that people describe the color as bright, happy or meaningful. You connect it to the sunset and romance, or nice autumn days. It should also be said that orange is a color that is interpreted differently in different cultures. Buddhist monks often dress in orange robes, but so do those in prison in the United States. 

As an entrepreneur, it is important to be able to create enthusiasm and commitment in what you do, both for yourself and for the outside world. For us at European Social Label, we choose to help members with this in such a way that the members help someone else at the same time. Orange is also a feeling of reaching out and contributing in some way, big or small.  


Yellow Creativity and creativity

Yellow is a loud color that can be quite intense. It can make the color red seem withdrawn and at the same time appear warmer. Yellow is the most visible color but at the same time perhaps the most difficult to read, no matter what background it is written against. Yellow can also be a symbol of a lot of outspoken frustration.

The color stands for energy and intensity at the same time, while some can get irritated if it is too yellow. Yellow is a complex color with a very individual perception of what it means. But for most people, in the right dose, it inspires, gives life to new ideas and creates a basis for wanting to grow and become bigger. The same can be imposed on most entrepreneurs and this is where many new innovations emerge. This is something we need to stimulate and value better. Being creative is something that all entrepreneurs must be, more or less. When something goes against you, there is rarely anyone to complain to and it is only hard work that counts to counteract and remedy what is happening. 


Green Nature

For most people, green is synonymous with nature, regardless of whether it is an eco-label or the nature we go out in. It is a color that shows recovery and innovation. Green can also symbolize nausea, that you become green in the face, as well as fertility and relationships. Some link green to luck or Irish culture, most notably St. Patrick's Day.

For many entrepreneurs, green stands for optimism or money, often symbolized by green banknotes. In the transition we are now in, towards a sustainable living, green is in itself also a good business idea. Some also see it as a competitive element where several companies fight for the same customer and where horizontal values create added value. No matter how you look at green, there is no denying that green and sustainable business are here to stay. 



Blue Right, entrepreneurial, calm

From the beginning, blue on the pride flag was the symbol of feeling calm, perhaps connected to water. On a political scale, blue is synonymous with a more right-wing attitude and entrepreneurship. Many people have blue as their favorite color because it is experienced as soothing, stable and reliable. 

Even though on the inside it is rarely the case in a company, it is precisely these feelings you want to convey to the outside world and above all to your customers and competitors. Within the European Social Label, we can contribute this to our members, who all get access to the same services and other offerings at no cost. Our logo is blue and shows entrepreneurship that also works for an inclusive society. 

From a purely political point of view, the European Social Label is outside the political scale, but it can be said that we want to achieve certain goals that are usually on the left, by performing and acting as someone who is somewhat on the right. That thought in itself has created an elevated pulse in many people because they do not get it together. But we get it and are calm and secure in ourselves.


Purple The spiritual color

Purple stands for royalty and wealth, especially from a historical perspective where the color was difficult to produce and required a lot of resources. It is a color that is not so common in nature so it also required a great deal of effort to find in sufficient quantities. Along with blue, purple also stands for calm, as well as wisdom and something to believe or focus on. From a pride perspective, purple also stands for the individual's interpretation of what color means, that is, his own free thinking to let anyone be anyone.

This is important for the European Social Label. It is important to be able to express yourself, look the way you want and be who you are. Many entrepreneurs have this in themselves, but then usually directed inwards. This means that you go your own way at the same time as the result is that you have a hard time understanding that others also go their own way, even if it happens to be a path that others have already taken. This is something we have to work a lot with, perspective and understanding for each other. The European Social Label is religiously independent and most of us probably do not believe in God anymore. On the other hand, we want to believe that we can create a better society for everyone, no matter who we are. 


Brown and black Part of the Progress Pride Flag

When Pride 2017 was launched in Philadelphia, it was done with a new flag that came to be called the Progress Pride Flag. In addition to the horizontal colors, several new colors were included here vertically. These new colors are to symbolize people with skin color, something that historically but even today has been a big and recurring problem. Of course, racism does not belong in any society and here the business community has an important part in the development. More people, regardless of skin color and culture, can become successful entrepreneurs, who in turn employ even more people.

Sweden and the EU must update their integration processes, it is not reasonable either from an economic or human perspective that it should take several years for an individual to enter society. One may think that skin color does not matter, but the outside world often has a need to simplify, probably to understand themselves, and then to such an extent that it instead just goes wrong. 

The brown and black on the Pride flag also symbolizes all those who have died or are living with HIV / AIDS and the feeling around this virus that exists. 


Baby blue, white and pink Part of the Progress Pride Flag

These three colors represent all trans people out there. Just like with brown and black, this is something that passes us on the European Social Label a bit. It is difficult to understand arguments such as 'that there are only two sexes' or any other strange reasoning. If a person defines himself as a man, woman, intersex or something else, why should this even be questioned? Perhaps even more relevant is why others get so annoyed about it. If we now really live in a modern society, then it should be able to handle everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, functional variation, language or culture. 

Regardless of who you are, in a modern country you have the opportunity to be who you want to be and who or what you want. We do not think that you should be allowed to take it away from us and that is why this part of the flag, as well as our brand, is so important. Our logo, the pigeon, includes everyone and we include all perspectives in our worldview.

If we have forgotten someone, we are quick to include this when we find out. We do not think we are going up to a certain level and then we are done. No, instead we must always develop and improve. It is together with our members that we can take an active stance. Our members all agree that it does not matter if you have blue hair, sit in a wheelchair or plan to change gender. What matters is what you have to contribute, which is crucial. 


Availability When it comes to more people being able to take part in the social offer

The European Social Label believes that functional variations do not have to be an obstacle in daily operations. We are currently developing two services, one for the deaf so that they can answer the phone and one for the blind so that they can work as waiters. For us, this is to offer an equal workplace, where more people can perform the same task. We believe that people feel good about being able to participate according to their conditions and it is our task to make society accessible to those who do not have the same opportunities as ourselves. 

Accessibility is also about communication and being able to get from A to B for your own machine. European Social Label's websites can all be read out by so-called Text-to-Talk and are built into Microsoft Edge via a small button in the address bar. More people must be able to take part in society. It primarily refers to public areas, but to a large extent it also refers to the private sector. Premises should be able to be seen and heard, equipment must not take several months to obtain. The European Social Label can help all our members with all this and there is often regional support to apply for in order to be able to finance them. 


Integration The right to feel involved

Integration means so much depending on who you are, in what situation you are in and everything in between. Here, the European Social Label focuses primarily on integration in the workplace, but it should preferably be seen as a small ecosystem in a larger ecosystem. Today's stressed entrepreneurs are unfortunately very careless here and this can create a feeling of insecurity for those who are new to the job. On Boarding, has become an industry in itself thanks to this. The European Social Label also wants to see employee engagement and we ourselves have written in our statutes and documents that employees must be involved in the decisions in the operations. We are all different, those who take more space and those who want to take less. If you are introverted, it can be unnatural to want to talk in front of others. It then becomes important to develop communication channels that make it easier for everyone. 

The European Social Label also focuses on education, both for the individual as well as the companies, so that more people will feel involved. You might think it is universally to raise your hand, wave and say hello to an employee but it is more rare than many people think. More people also need to know what rights and obligations they have in society. You should be able to stand for who you are without having to feel diminished or oppressed. 


Our participation in the global goals Together with our members, we work for a better society

Below are the global goals that the European Social Label chooses to focus on in the first place. This does not mean that the goals not listed below are not of interest, but we believe that for precisely those goals there are actors who can do the job much faster and much better. The headings on the goals describe very well the breadth of the European Social Label and our associated activities. For more information about the goals, click on each goal and you will come to the Swedish Government's website and their descriptions. Our members choose how they want to work with the goals. As the European Social Label is not run for a for-profit purpose, the surplus from the membership fee goes into our own foundation, EUSL Foundation, and further into various social initiatives that the members define and it is automatically the least our members contribute to. All efforts contribute to one or more of the goals below. 


Everything above is what we think our brand should stand for. The pigeon is a visual summary of equal value for all, integration, diversity, accessibility issues, as well as that drive development towards a better society, sustainability issues and how we all have something to gain from helping each other. These six points are summed up by the twig that sits in the pigeon's beak and the pigeon's body visualized is wanting to help someone else. 

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